Equipping the saints for the Work of the ministry..

The simplest definition of a University is a community of learners with the common goal to educate themselves and use that equipping to impact a world.  We are The Bridge University.

Bible Based
& Spirit-Filled

His Word

The Bridge U focuses on the Bible as its PRIMARY Textbook. We believe all the answers to our questions are there.

Continuing Education

Dedicated to your Success

Tap into the years of ministry experience and business expertise of Dr. Marc as he offers continuing education on topics such as church volunteering; church leadership; church planting; business side of ministry; and more..


Accreditation = oversight

When degree level instruction is developed, there must be a valid oversight to assure that the quality, organization, and processes are in place to give validity to the degree.

Scholarships Available

Get Help with Tuition

Scholarships are awarded on a case by case basis.

Degrees Offered

Mark of Growth

Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate are the level of degrees we offer to our students.

A Community
of Learners

No-Egos Allowed

Our teachers have earned their degrees - yet that does not mean that they stop learning or display an ego as if they know it all. A community of learners is built on teachers who are also committed to learning.

Yes you Can do it!

The Bridge University offers specific courses that are designed to immediately assist the busy Pastor, church planter, or church worker in their respective fields. We are committed to the growth of every student as they pursue their gift from God.

Let go of the limits and fears! It’s time to pursue your destiny!

How does it work?

Every God-Endeavor has to begin with prayer. Don’t just apply to get the degree – get His peace about the decision FIRST!

Our catalog is for your information and to see if The Bridge U is a good fit for you, your time space, and your obedience to Him. Then go to the online application to submit your application.

As with any other higher learning institution along with that acceptance letter is your first payment request. Pay promptly online to assure you get your materials on time. 

Your attendance, your dedication to get in the depth of the Word, and completing your assignments will lead to a timely graduation and celebration of your next degree level. 

Degree Program

Below is a list of the degrees we currently offer. These are all accredited for ecclesiastical purposes. As you click on the arrow icon to expand you will get a synopsis of what each degree journey entails. 

10% Discount on full tuition payment prior to 1st day.


60 Credit Hours

Tuition: $1780
8-month plan $222.50
10-month plan $178.00

$60 Application fee
$400 Books


60 Credit Hours

Tuition: $1880
8-month plan $235
10-month plan $188

$60 Application fee
$400 Books


48 lectures ( 280 Hours)

Tuition: $2135
8-month plan $266.88
10-month plan $213.50

$60 Application fee
$400 Books


50 Credit Hours

Tuition: $2280
8-month plan $285
10-month plan $228

$60 Application fee
$400 Books


60+ Credit Hours

Tuition: $3700
8-month $462.50
10-month plan $370

$60 Application fee
$640 Books

all fees and books costs are NON-refundable || All tuition fees must be paid PRIOR to Degree being delivered.

The Bridge University: a community of learners.

Unlimited access to extended courses for students.

These courses are NON-ACCREDITED and are solely provided by Dr. Marc Garcia to help prepare and equip ministers and leaders in their function. 


Open House | Reunion Informativo

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